Lions and Lambs


Lions have this nasty habit
they think that the lambs are
woozy for a compliment
weak for a kiss on the cheek.
That the lamb curls up to the lion
because it likes what the lion is doing.
But what the lion doesn’t know,
is that in a peak of a kiss,
so the lion doesn’t see,
The lamb can pull $4000 cash
secretly out of the lion’s pocket
and feel no regret,
or anything, really
at all.



me as a teacher

i didn’t hear what i said but you did
i know that you can forget… so nice

so if and when you fuck
will you be wearing your socks during
well, he told me you were drama
but you threw the flower pot at his head

is that anger, or just a rush of heated blood?

there, that’s how god will brief you
in the mouths of all your neighbors joking you’re scared
a laugh blasting from your phone
you should never be yourself cover up

Alright, you’re doin it right 

at the party, talk to women 
at the party, keep on sippin’ 

can i tell you something 

I’m alright with it, lyin’ to her face 
take some pressure off of the strangers 
I’ll come clean with it, can I sleep with you 
take some layers of of the bed set 

We can go when i finish this drink 
thats all 
we can go, let me just think 
thank God 

we can go, I’ll just finish this drink 

Can you say, can you say more nice things 

can you tell me more please 
We’ll just go, let me open this drink 

can i tell you somethin 
when i break i feel broken 

i’ll roll it it up but i won’t smoke it 
i’ll hit her up, she thinks i’m jokin 
i’m glad as hell, i’m glad i met you but you’re a waste of time 
i should be be more open and sensitive,